Author Interview – Cara Carnes

Here is the interview that I did with Cara Carnes for the Howl With The Black Wolves Event.

How long have you been published?
My first book, Warrior’s Paradise was released in November 2007, so about 7 years.

What role do you play in the Black Hills Wolves?
I’m so thrilled to be one of the participating authors. My book, A Wolf’s Promise is slated to be released in March.

As you know the lovely Rebecca Royce is the sole reason why this event is taking place so if you had to describe her to new readers in 3 words what would they be?
phenomenally imaginative & talented (This was REALLY hard to do, btw, because she’s one of the nicest and best people I’ve had the pleasure to know. Seriously.)

Finding the right targeted audience can be a difficult task so what do you find to be the biggest advantage with online marketing?
The simplicity

What are your thoughts on the upcoming release of Wolf’s Return?
I can’t wait for everyone to experience the world Rebecca has created and shared with all of us. She has such a remarkable book.

What is one thing that you want fans to know about the Black Hills Wolves?
There’s something for everyone. The world is rich, the characters amazing and the authors so uniquely creative that anyone will find a story to suit their pallet.

Of all the books that Rebecca Royce has written or cowritten with others which is your favorite and why?
Oh wow, talk about an impossible task. There’s no way I could possibly choose just one. I love all her books for a variety of reasons. I will say Drew from Wolf’s Return is one of my favorite heroes. He’s just so yummy.

Are you currently working on a new project that you would like to share with us?
I actually just concluded a new work titled Hell’s Playground that will be releasing at the end of January in an anthology titled Under A Wolf Moon. The amazing Rebecca Royce is in it, as well as Heather Long, Saranna DeWylde and Virginia Nelson. I was thrilled to be a part of it and it guarantees to be an awesome anthology. My story is the first in a new series I’m kicking off titled The Rending.

Are you self published or with a traditional publisher and what do you find to be the pros and cons of each?
I’m just delving into the self published arena this year and am looking forward to the control it provides. There’s so many facets to the publishing business that I’ve taken for granted as an author published through e-publishers. Learning the various facets of the business has been a daunting, but wonderful experience.

What was one of your New Year’s resolutions?
Focusing on my productivity and making sure that 2015 is a great year writing wise. 🙂

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