Howl With The Black Wolves Event

The interviews that I conducted with the authors of the Howl With The Black Wolves Event can be found here. The author behind this great event is Rebecca Royce who is the creator of the series and is always a pleasure to work with. The event is scheduled for Jan. 9th & 10th so make sure to come hang out with us and I hope you enjoy reading the interviews. Simply click on each of the authors names to read their interview!

The Black Hills Wolves is a multi-authored wolf pack. Each book focuses on a different couple, and different members of the pack, while including the creations of other authors from previous books.

Rebecca Royce

Kerry Adrienne

Louisa Bacio

Katalina Leon

Chandra Ryan

Celia Breslin


Cara Carnes

Dena Garson

Mahalia Levey

Taryn Kincaid

Lia Davis

Afton Locke

Heather Long

Virginia Nelson

Dawn Montgomery

Kate Richards

Melissa Limoges

Virginia Cavanaugh

Cam Cassidy

Dominique Eastwick

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