Paranormal Author Interviews

For years I have loved to read and always wondered what goes in the mind of authors as they are writing specific books which is one of the biggest reasons that I chose to create this website to allow me to find out just that. I will be interviewing various paranormal authors over the coming months so if there is any specific author that you would like me to contact in hopes of interviewing or if you are an author yourself who is willing to do an exclusive interview with please email me. Each author that I interview will have their own page so as we move forward their names will be added below for more information on them

A.K. Michaels

Antoinette Houston

Brittany Nicole Allen

Cheryl Davis

Danielle Corrick

David Burton

Dave Rudden

Erica Stevens

Hollie Westring

John Vamvas & Olga Montes

Marcus Mattern

Meg Collett

Michele Hauf

N. L. Greene

Neil Staley

Nicole Storey

Nikki Jefford

P. S. Winn

R.M. Garcia

Teresa Gabelman

One thought on “Paranormal Author Interviews

  1. Hello.
    I am an author of Paranormal stories both fiction and non-fiction.I am currently working on an anthology of non-fiction ghost short stories.I have been able to see spirits since a very young age and would love to be interviewed by you.

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