Out of the Light Book Review – Neil Staley

1I have just finished reading Out of Light written by Neil Staley and was very intrigued from the get go. This is not your typical vampire book which follows a young Englishman through a life of adventure, grief, heartache and torture that seems to see no end until hope arrives in an unlikely fashion which pushes him into a world that he never knew he could be a part of. This book delivers in various aspects combined with action, challenges, twists and turns and of course what we all love – vampires. The books main character Raphael Santos will lead us through a story that you never saw coming and will leave you in awe and looking forward to book 2 which Neil is currently working on. Being the first to review this book on Amazon is a privilege and I strongly encourage others to definitely read what you have been missing out on. My favorite thing about the book is that it gives a whole new light on old world vampires and new world combined with a strongly written story line that really delivers. Click below to get your copy of the book today!

Out of the Light

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