Obligations Book Review – P. S. Winn

61FcXx5T0OLSome of us are giving a second chance in life, but on our journey back from the afterlife the tunnels between the two worlds can bring with it an evil that must be stopped. Can Josh and his friends return the evil from which it came?

This story starts off with a family who is torn apart by a tragic car accident, but after almost dying Josh and his mother are given a second chance at life. Josh is asked to help to return an evil force that has followed him thought the tunnel that connects our world with that of the afterlife.  With the help of his friend and family Josh is faced with a grueling task. Can he succeed with the help of his friends, and what will learn in the process?

I have to say I have not read many books in this genre but was very impressed. The story definitely puts a new perspective in life after death, a supernatural thriller in my opinion. The author captures the reader’s attention right from the beginning, and does not let go. The character interactions really are involved and help the reader to understand the thoughts and actions of each one. Each character brings with it their own unique perspective on the story which helps the reader to fall in love right from the start.   The book was well written and edited; I did not find any grammar errors or missing plot information that may confuse the story. I have to say that I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a great read with a twist.  The author also has quite a few other books that I am looking forward to reading. If you have yet to read Obligations by P.S. Winn click below to get your copy today!


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