Multi Author, Multi Day, Multi Genre Book Bash Author Interview – Marilyn Vix

marilynHere is my author interview with the talented author Marilyn Vix for the Multi Author, Multi Day, Multi Genre Book Bash – day three which is featuring Paranormal/Sci Fi/Fantasy Authors. One book that you should definitely check out by her is the Never Marry A Warlock to get a real taste of her amazing writing talents.

How many books do you currently have available on the market within the paranormal/sci-fi or fantasy genres and which would they fit into?
I currently have three novellas, a novella box set, and an audiobook. I’m working on my first full length novel right now.

If you had to choose one genre to read for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
That’s super hard. I love fantasy. I read Lord of the Rings when I was 13. Then, discovered Marion Zimmer Bradley and Isaac Asimov as a teen. Anne Rice became my next obsession. So, I’d have to say paranormal sci-fi/fantasy. I’d have to read all three to be totally satisfied. I’d beg until I got my way.

What do you think the hardest part of being an author is?
The rejection is the hardest part and to not give up. I’ve been writing professionally for 10 years, but I really started when I was 10. I started submitting when I was 23 to sci-fi/fantasy magazines. It was always a hobby until 2005 when I settled down and finally got published in 2007.

The journey has taken decades. You really have got to love it, and you can’t live without it. Writing is like oxygen for me. But the rejection is what stops most people. It’s like a hurdle you have to jump again and again. So, you learn to keep at it, and not worry about what happens, just keep writing.

Do you believe that any type of paranormal/fantasy creatures really exist such as vampires, witches, ghosts etc and why do you believe this either way?
I definitely believe in ghosts. I’ve had strange experiences with a door slamming in an English castle I was visiting, and no one was there. I’ve taken a picture of a shadow figure with pantaloons in an Irish jail. I try to ghost hunt from time to time, and absolutely love ghost hunting shows like “Ghost Adventures”. I wish vampires were real just from the fact it would be cool to be immortal and undead. Witches are real, but not in the sense of tremendous powers and spells like in movies and books. They exist in more modern times as a religion and belief system that was suppressed from the medieval times through several centuries.

So, depending on whom I’ve met and encountered, some of the paranormal characters could be real depending on what parts of the real world they embody. I love stories that have it set that it could really exist in our world. I love the X-Files. To think Mulder and Scully are out there even now investigating with their flashlights ready is my favorite kind of story. I need a sense of believability.

What is one random thing that you can tell us about yourself that readers might be surprised by?
I used to be a DJ on the local college radio station, and played a lot of New Wave and Alternative music from artists in the late 80s.

Have you ever read a book that left you raw with emotion whether it be sad, happy or even scared?
I’m actually addicted to Korean dramas right now. I’m watching one called “Personal Taste” with Lee Min-Ho as the star. It’s driving me crazy from the emotional roller coaster it puts me one. The story changes so quickly from humor to ripping your heart out that I have to watch it in spurts. It is terribly addicting. I’m hoping to learn new plot devices and bring it to my readers too.

If one of your books were to be turned into a movie who would you cast to play your leading characters and why?
My Beware of Warlocks series would be fun to cast. I know that Jeff Phillips, my hot Aussie warlock, would have to be Chris Helmsworth. My main character Catherine Banks would be tougher to cast. I think I’d want an unknown, strong woman to play her. I imagine her as me, so it would be hard for me to decide who would be the best person to play her. Rich Banks, her ex-husband, would be played beautifully by Tom Ellis who plays Lucifer in the new Fox series.

If you could co-write a book with any author whom would it be with, what genre would you choose and why?
I would jump at a chance to co-write ANYTHING with Anne Rice. She is my idol. I’d love to write about witches or vampires with her.

When it comes to your own books what is one thing that you do to ensure that they are unique and will stand out against other books within the same genre?
I try to think of a new twist on something I love. When I started Never Marry A Warlock, it was originally a dream. I dreamed I was having a spell battle with a man that I flung into the pool with a force spell. I woke up and by the time my morning coffee was done, I’d written the first scene.

From then on, I imagined my version of Bewitched woven with “Eat, Pray, Love”. Sometimes I come up with comparative books or movies, and put my own spin on it. Often, I’ll read another book and think, I can write that better. My current novel idea came from reading another book that just wasn’t what I was looking for. I knew I could write one better. So, I have, and I’m shopping it around to agents right now.

Any big plans or projects planned for 2016 that you would like to share with us?
I’ve been in revisions for my novel in the works, Everything For Love. It’s a time travel novel that tells the sexual journey of a woman through space and time. She’s a timeanaut and studies artists in the past since many skills have been lost in the digital age. It’s been fun writing about Montmartre in 1899 and writing Henri Toulouse-Lautrec as a character. I’ve always wanted to do a story with him in it. I’ve also learned a lot about the Vorticists, an English artistic movement in 1914.

I’ve also been co-writing spicy erotic shorts with another author, Lynda Belle. We just released a short called “A Cat For Two”. I put in the sweet, and she writes in the spice. Plus, I’ve started the new series with Cassandra, Catherine Bank’s friend in Never Marry A Warlock. She’s going to be finding love in her own series called Beware of Vampires. So, there is a lot planned for this year.

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