Multi Author, Multi Day, Multi Genre Book Bash Author Interview – K.D. Friedrich

kdHere is my author interview with the talented author K.D. Friedrich for the Multi Author, Multi Day, Multi Genre Book Bash – day three which is featuring Paranormal/Sci Fi/Fantasy Authors. She is the author of several books including Soul Tie Seduction which I have personally read and loved so grab your copy today.

How many books do you currently have available on the market within the paranormal/sci fi or fantasy genres and which would they fit into?
Right now, I have one book available in the paranormal market. The book is called Soul Tie Seduction. Its book one in a hot new series about soul infested demons. I plan to add another title to the series before the end of the year. In addition, I have another paranormal romance almost finished. It’s titled Kian’s Summer. I’m hoping to release that one before the end of summer.

If you had to choose one genre to read for the rest of your life what would it be and why?  Definitely, paranormal/sci fi or fantasy.  I’ve always been drawn to those genres. The male leads are often raw, alpha, and yet surprisingly deep and intricate. The women have become stronger over the years, no longer the damsels in distress like they used to be. Now they’re the ones doing the saving and I love that’s how the genre is shifting.

What do you think the hardest part of being an author is?
Finding the time to write, I wish I could write all day, every day, but with working a day job, family, and life in general it’s difficult.

Do you believe that any type of paranormal/fantasy creatures really exist such as vampires, witches, ghosts etc and why do you believe this either way?
I believe that anything is possible. I also believe that to every legend is derived from an ounce of truth. So you never know. There just might be a sexy vampire waiting in the shadows to whisk me away. As for ghosts, yes, I believe completely, because I’ve had experiences to confirm that belief.

What is one random thing that you can tell us about yourself that readers might be surprised by?
I used to design flash art for a few different tattoo artists. There are a whole bunch of people walking around this world with my designs on their skin.

Have you ever read a book that left you raw with emotion whether it is sad, happy or even scared? Yes, when I read Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon I blubbered like a baby. Some of the scenes in that book were so vicious and heart wrenching I had to put it down, but soon found compelled to pick it back up and read more.

If one of your books were to be turned into a movie who would you cast to play your leading characters and why?
I think Ian Somerhalder would be perfect to play Armen Jettison. He has the perfect eyes and smoldering look to play a sex demon. Emma Stone would definitely play a great Ariella Segreti.  I think her classic beauty compliments the image I see in my mind when I think of Ariella. She has an innocent aura about her, but an edge of naughtiness, the same naughtiness that Armen helps Ariella to embrace.

If you could co-write a book with any author who would it be with, what genre would you choose and why?
I would love to co-author a book with J R Ward. I think she is a phenomenal author. The Black Dagger brotherhood series is one of my all time favorites. It would be an amazing opportunity to see how she creates and to learn from a writer I respect.

When it comes to your own books what is one thing that you do to ensure that they are unique and will stand out against other books within the same genre?
I guess I don’t really think about it. An idea comes into my head and I go with it. The characters lead me where they want to go. I’m not trying to be different or the same as anyone. I’m just trying to be true to the characters and the story. As long as I do that everything else falls into place.

Any big plans or projects planned for 2016 that you would like to share with us?
Well, I have several novels in the works, two paranormal romances and two contemporary romances.  Kian’s Summer, book 1 of my new witch series, is almost finished. I hope to have it out by the end of this summer. Soul Tie Resurrection, Book 2 of the Jettison Brotherhood is a work in progress. If time allows, I hope it to be complete before the end of the year.

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