Kian Lancaster Character Interview – Passion of a Witch (K.D. Friedrich)

This fun character interview is with Kian Lancaster from Passion of a Witch written by talented author K.D. Friedrich. We will be featuring her book during our paranormal day of the three day Multi Genre, Multi Day Themed Author Event.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I spend a lot of time working on custom motorcycles for a few of Tristan’s pack members. Tristan’s the local Alpha wolf. He’s been keeping me busy with plenty of new customers. I’ve also been helping my buddy Mike restore his Mustang. When I’m not in my garage getting my hands dirty, I’m with my mate Summer, keeping my hands busy in other ways. (He smirks)

Speaking of your mate…was it, love at first sight?
I think lust at first sight would be more accurate. She was so different from the other women I hung around with. She didn’t fall to her knees to please me and that boldness drew me right in. I was a damn goner right from the start. I mean just look at her. She is all woman. Soft curves and sexy defiance. (Shifts uncomfortable)  Shit, is this interview almost over? I have to…see my woman about something that just…came up. (He winks)

Just one more question Kian…Boxers or Briefs?
(He laughs) How did I know that question was coming? Well, let’s just say, I prefer the natural state of things. Makes the equipment easier to access when Summer is impatient. Of course, she can always use her magic to get rid of anything that’s in the way, but I don’t want my baby to work any harder than she has to.

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