It’s Your Time To Shine One Book at a Time Author Interview – Julie Ann Hacker

julieHere is my author interview with the talented Julie Ann Hacker for the It’s Your Time To Shine – One Book At A Time Event. She is a newcomer to our events and I encourage you to check out her book titles which include The Dead Dance Faster – Unsacred Awakening, The Dead Dance Faster – Spirit Breaker and her short story – My Name Is Sacrifice: Psychological, Metaphysical Mystery.

What is one thing that you hope to improve upon as far as your writing career is concerned?
The one thing I hope to improve on as far as my writing career is concerned is making even more time to communicate with my readers. I love hearing their feedback and thoughts, not only on my work, but what other genres and authors they’re interested in too.

If you could choose to have dinner with any author past or present that you have never met who would you choose and why?
William Faulkner. How I would love to pick his brain. I’m in love with his novel As I Lay Dying. His smooth literary style, the depth of his characters…all intriguing to me.

What genres do you write in and what is your favorite to read?
I write horror and dark, literary fiction. I’m also working on a memoir concerning childhood abuse. My favorite genre to read is literary horror fiction, psychological mystery, and I’m a huge fan of spiritual works of all kinds.

What is one genre that you think you would have a hard time writing in and why?
The humor genre would be the hardest to write. I admire anyone who can write a fiction book that makes me laugh out loud. It’s not that hard to be a little funny and humorous in writing, but when it comes to the comedic end, ha, ha, I have a hard time pulling it off.

What is one tool that you think more authors should utilize more often?
Their sense-of-humor. And, yes, it’s a tool…really.

If you had to choose to be a character in your own book who would you choose and why?
If I had to choose to be a character in my own book, I would pick Jael, my protagonist. The way she twists and turns through her life searching for answers and meaning has become a true adventure for me.

Do you think that writing challenges you in general or do you think it often flows naturally with little to no writers block?
My writing style poses deep, dark, psychological themes, at times horror-filled. Naturally it takes a lot of thought and internal digging to pen the words to the page and arrange them to make sense for the reader. So much energy goes into my work, but I rarely suffer from writer’s block. The ideas keep flowing, especially at night.

Aside from writing what are some other things that you enjoy doing as time allows?
When I’m not writing, you’ll find at the trail walking or running with my dog, Scarlet. I also love to read, knit, spend time at Starbucks, and just hang with family and friends.

What is one thing most of your readers might be surprised to learn about you?
I’m in love with Johnny Depp and Lenny Kravitz.

Do you think that any specific book genres get let attention than it should and if so which ones?
I support authors no matter the genre they write. I don’t believe anyone getting more attention than another is a bad thing or something to be concerned about. We’re all here to share our work.

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