Illusions Begin (Mystic Seeker Series) – N.L. Greene

Illusions Begin FINAL EBOOK FLATThe book Illusions Begin by N.L. Greene which is the first book in the Mystic Seeker Series was a fun read that brings to light a tale that follows a girl from childhood into adult hood harboring her passion for magic. This paranormal book is unlike any other that I have read which says a lot since I typically read two books a day. I was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was to read the book. While many books have an interesting story line that keeps me interested this one was a bit of fresh air and includes some of life’s real challenges about social and parental pressure to do what is expected of us and how sometimes we must work against what is expected of us to truly find ourselves. Coupled with a budding romance and a past that is waiting to confront Becky you will see what this awesome writer has to offer. I look forward to reading the second book in the series and if you have yet to read it you can do so by clicking the link below!

Illusions Begin (The MysticSeeker Series)

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