Fine Lines (Ink Series) Book Review – Bella Roccaforte

coverSo I finished reading Fine Lines which is the first book in the Ink Series by Bella Roccaforte and it was simply amazing. The story which follows main character Shay who is making her living by being a successful comic book artist is haunted by epic nightmares and when things start happening is she and will she stay safe from those that are hunting her? One of my favorite parts about the book is some of the “natural” flow and issues that she has that really do follow some of us from our past. I don’t want to give out spoilers on this book but its simply amazing and a must read! If you have yet to get this book click below to do so now.

INK: Fine Lines (Book 1)

INK: Vanishing Point (Book 2)

INK: Abstraction (Book 3)

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