Fantasy Author BL Marsh – Book Elves Event Interview

Here is the interview that I did with BL Marsh for the Book Elves on the Shelves Event. Her takeover will be done on Dec. 7th 5-6pm CENTRAL so stop by and say hi!

Are you an indie author or with a publisher and what do you find the pros and cons to be for each?
I am with a publisher. You give up a lot of timelines with a publisher, but potentially have more resources to get the word out about the book.

What is your current “work in progress”?
Jars of Clay. Book 2 in the Lilith Scroll series.

How many books do you currently have out and titles if you would like?
I have the first book in the series, entitled The Lilith Scroll.

What one character from your book or books do you connect with most and why?
I connect with Emma the most. Things that have happened to her and how she deals with it is what I strive to be like.

Being that this event is for the Christmas Season do you have any special traditions that you would like to share with us?
We make magic reindeer food on Christmas Eve and sprinkle it all over the yard.

What is your favorite Christmas dessert?
Red velvet cheesecake cupcakes

What is the worst gift that you have ever received for Christmas?
A gift I bought someone the Christmas before was regifted to me.

Who is your favorite author and or favorite book?
My favorite author is CS Lewis and my favorite book is Peter Pan.

If you had to describe yourself in three words what would they be?
Compassionate, Driven, Witty

What are your thoughts on being apart of the upcoming Book Elves on the Shelves event?
I’m excited!!!!

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