Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge Book Review – Denice Garrou

coverSo going in when I first decided to read Dragonhorse and Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge I was wondering if the book would be as long and unique as the title. Hehe being the unique author that Denice Garrou is I should have expected nothing less than a bit filled with an amazing plot which boasts of her love for animals. This book is honestly unlike anything that I have ever read before and being an avid reader that is a refreshing surprise. Anyways the plot itself will keep you guessing on what will happen next and loving every minute of it. This book truly has something for everyone ranging from fairies and dragons to magic itself. Unlike many books that are written just based on factual info or by what will sell you can tell that this author puts her own passion and love for magic and life into this book. It will touch on various emotions from the serious losses to the pure happiness and contentment that characters face. You will feel as though you are a part of the book and will definitely want to read more. I would definitely recommend this book to other readers and look forward to seeing what she has in store for us in future books! Get your own copy of Dragonhorse & the Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge!

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