Daymares Book Review – Kenya Moss-Dyme

coverI recently came across an author that I had never met before during an event to promote her book Daymares, Kenya Moss-Dyme. Typically I do not read horror related books just because I am a very visual person and they scare the shit out of me. Straight up make me want to pee myself and keep the light on. Well let me tell you something Daymares was definitely no different and it definitely gave me a scare which made me want to shove the book under my bed and forget about it but unfortunately Kenya truly has a way with words making you want to finish each of the stories that make up this frightening but very well written book. The book has 7 different stories combined to make up the Daymares book and while each of them were chilling the one the two that kept me up at night for more reasons than one is Baby Mine and A Colder Kind of Hell. If you enjoy suspenseful/horror books this one delivers on every aspect. Kenya is an author that gives you that visual that most readers crave so they can mentally picture what is happening and feel as though they are there. Unfortunately for me haha she did that too well! Two thumbs up for Kenya on scare factor and putting together a well written book!


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