Chasing Payne Book Review – Chantel Seabrook


This is the first book that I have read by Chantel and found Chasing Payne quite pleasing. I have always been a huge paranormal fan and after reading about shifters in the Anita Blake series it made me curious about shape shifter books and this is the first one since then I have read that involved lions and I loved it.  Besides the uniqueness of the type of shifters I loved that she created a plot based around love, action, desires and gives you a thrill from early on. Being in love with someone is huge all on its own but with the added stress of secrets from the past things can be more difficult than anyone could have imagined. She has worked hard to keep her feelings a secret for so long but what happens when they are no longer one sided? Is it lust or love and will they actually be happy? Are some secrets just too much to get over?

I think Chantel does a great job at developing her characters giving you a true visual of what they look like, their acts and brings their emotions to life. Feeling as though we are there with them – realistic – makes me want to keep reading to find out what happens next. With so much on the line will being a Therian agent be too much for Lora? Will her and Chase be able to be happy together?

You will have to just read Chasing Payne to find out! Thanks Chantel Seabrook for an amazing story and look forward to reading more by you. You can grab your copy of the book today for only $2.99 or FREE with KU!

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