Stakeout 2.5 & Evil Red 2.6 Auror Sky: Vampire Hunter Series Book Review – Nikki Jefford

I have finished reading Stakeout which is 2.5 and Evil Red 2.6 in the Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter series by Nikki Jefford. I was hooked on this series as earliest as reading the first book and immediately fell in love with many of the characters including Aurora, Noel and Fang.  Stakeout follows one of the […]

Northern Bites – Aurora Sky:Vampire Hunter Book Review

I just finished book two “Northern Bites” in the Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter Series and I am seriously addicted to this awesome book. The author Nikki Jefford writes exceptionally well and keeps readers engaged. The book picks up where the first one left off giving you a play by play of Aurora’s life as a […]

Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter Book Review – Nikki Jefford

So I just finished reading the Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter book written by Nikki Jefford and I have to say that the book really is worth reading. I absolutely loved the way things were setup from the car crash to the way Aurora awakes on base giving the plot for the story. Since vampires is […]