By Sea Book Review – Carly Fall

coverSo this is the first book that I have read by Carly Fall and I have to say that I was highly impressed. By Sea is the first book in her new Supernatural Renegades Series and is a great read for anyone who enjoys alpha males. By Sea follows former marine Brody Teller and CIA agent Rayna Lopez as they are pushed together in what may seem like fate. Being a CIA agent Rayna searches for what happened to Brody she is soon shocked to realize is he not only doing well he’s also got something going on that she can’t help but  want to know more. With a secret mission which left Brody and others on his platoon with super natural powers things are about to get crazy in both his and Rayna’s life even if they do not realize it yet.
Brody who is in over his head is soon offered a deal that he simply cannot refuse. When Rayna and Brody are quickly reunited after a first not so great introduction things start to steam up between them. An attraction that they both may not have wanted but will soon not be able to deny.  With each of them harboring their own dark secrets things between them may not only be impossible but dangerous as well.

I love books with sexy alphas in it and this book delivers on not only that but a great plot and strong characters. I hate giving out too much information on a boot so you will have to grab your own copy to find out what twists and turns lay ahead for these two as well as other characters that will more than likely play a larger role in future books! Great job Carly and I look forward to reading book 2!

By Sea by Carly Fall

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