Book Review Land, Sea, Sky – Lynne Cantwell

81m0PLGZD8L._SL1500_Who doesn’t love a good story that is based on love, greed, politics and fight for control? The Land, Sea, Sky series which was written by the talented Lynne Cantwell really puts a new spin on things. So far I have only read the first book in the series which was introduced to me by a friend and while being a bit apprehensive since it’s not typically the type of stories that I read I absolutely loved it.
The book follows main characters Sue, Tess and Darrell and their struggles to help keep the peace when its needed most. Will a new war take place and if so what will become of mankind?

The book Undertow which was released in March is the next on my list and with Navy Seal, Darrell has been assigned to work from Virginia Beach investigating rumors of a terrorist attack but how will things play out when he’s actually sent undercover to infiltrate the terrorists. Unfortunately for Darrel his two friends that typically help with these risky missions are unable to help so while Sue is relaxing and being swooned by who may be Mr. Right and Tess who is chasing a hurricane things are about to get crazy in the life of those who are there to help keep peace for the gods and dealing with major disasters. I cannot wait to read this one.

I just had the best time taking part in Lynne’s launch party for the last book in the series Scorched which will be released this week. I will definitely be looking forward to it hitting the shelves and cannot wait to see what else this amazing writer has in store for us. Make sure to check back soon because I will be doing an interview with her : )

Crosswind (Land, Sea, Sky)

Undertow (Land, Sea, Sky) (Volume 2)

Scorched Earth (Land, Sea, Sky Book 3)

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