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61V8Tk4I3sL._UX250_Check out the interview that we just did with horror author Tim Miller! If you are shopping around for a serious scare his books is what you are looking for. Thanks Tim for doing the interview with us an we wish you much success!!!

With Hacked being your newest release what would be one reason why we should buy it?
Hacked hits home one a new level unlike most of my other books. Most my books are somewhat grounded in reality…but Hacked is different on new levels. Almost everyone, women especially have dealt with internet trolls. Especially these guys who can’t take no for an answer and almost imagine some entire relationship with a girl online in their own mind. So Rodney in this story takes it to all kinds of terrifying levels. Between the story itself, and Jessica Mazo, the cover model who totally nailed a good, real and disturbing look for the cover, it is something that everyone who has read it said stick with them.
Since you write horror is it difficult to for you to be descriptive in gruesome scenes?

Not really, though there have been some scenes usually involve snot, shit or semen where I just had to take a break and write it in parts because I almost made myself sick. Now very little can make me cringe anymore. So if it makes my stomach turn, then I know it will be good.

If you had to pick a favorite “kill” scene which would you say is your favorite?
Oh gosh, I don’t know, so many good ones. One of my classics is in Hell, Texas when a woman was made into a chair, though thats not technically a kill scene because she was being kept alive through IV’s. It’s been a fan favorite and recently a Russian fan sent me fan art he made from it.

If you had to recommend only one of your books which would you say for us to start with?
I have almost 20 books now, my April Almighty series is really the only ones that run in order. A lot of people start with Family Night since that was my first “extreme” novel. Its gory and graphic, but not as brutal as some of my more recent ones.

Care to share about your other books?
I”m not even sure where to start. I have 20 books out. They can all be found here

Are you a horror collector?
Kind of. Due to money and space I don’t have near as much as I’d like. I have a drawer full of signed photos I’ve gotten from horror actors and friends. I also collect horror Funko Pops, that’s about the extent of it.

Who would you say is your favorite horror writer?
I have lots of favorites. Ed Lee, Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon and Wrath James White are among them.

What’s one quote you would use to describe your books?

Any words of wisdom to share?
Don’t believe people who say you can’t do what you want to do. Keep working at it and don’t spend a single second on the doubters.

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