Author Interview – Mark Tufo

535357_349334811769530_1986697943_nCheck out the interview that we just did with Zombie Dystopian author Mark Tufo. Thank you for doing the interview with us Mark and we wish you nothing but success! He is the author of the Zombie Fallout Series among many others!

You and I both know Zombie Fallout series is freaking awesome (Yup I started reading the series way before the new covers were added) but what would you say makes it stick out compared to all the zombie books out there?
Thank you for your kind words! And I truly appreciate you allowing me to take up some space on your blog. There’s a lot of great zombie stuff out there, I think what sets mine apart is that the focus is more on the main character’s fight to keep his family and friends safe when all around him the world is crumbling.

So honestly do you think you could survive a zombie encounter?
Honestly? Okay so before I ever started writing the ZF series I probably would have given an unequivocal ‘yes’. I’m a former Marine, I own guns and know how to use them proficiently, I taught my entire family gun safety and how to use them. We’ve stocked some food and water, I’m not a full tilt prepper but I see the benefit in being prepared. Now with all that being said, I’m not so sure anymore, the more shit I see Mike (Talbot) get into the less convinced I could make it!

What are you currently working on in that mind of yours?
I am all over the board right now, can’t even begin to tell you how much it sucks to be an author and have ADD. I JUST finished writing my part of A Shrouded World 2 with John O’Brien. I am in the midst of a super secret project that I cannot divulge. Umm much to my wife’s chagrin I have started Tim 3 and I now have a large portion of Zombie Fallout 9 penned. And I have an eye on Dystance 2 and Lycan Fallout 3.

So between Zombie Fallout and Lycan Fallout which would you say was/is more fun to write about?
Tough to say I truly enjoy writing them both, I can tell you that LF is more difficult to write because of the loss of so many main characters. I mean to those of you that love the ZF series those characters are as much my family as they are yours. And it’s weird to march on without them by my side.

If you happened to become a zombie who would you want to eat first?
Trolls…I think if I became a zombie I would definitely become an internet troll hunter. Oh they know who they are.

Do you think the zombie craze is still going strong?
It’s definitely riding a crest, that doesn’t mean it will stay this high but I think there will always be zombie fans. I mean look how long people have loved vampires.

If you had to pick one person to help you survive who would you pick?
Much like Mike I think I would need my wife by my side, she keeps me strong in the face of adversity no matter the issue.

Where can we stalk you at?
Well I still have a few spaces left in my backyard if you’re interested, otherwise I am pretty accessible on social media, here are some links. email Mark’s Website , Mark’s Facebook  & Mark’s Twitter

Who would you say most influenced you to start writing?
That’s a tough question, from a very early age I have always loved to read, and it was the joy that these books brought to me that gave me a desire to attempt and bring that same joy of adventure to others. If I had to be pinned down…naw I can’t do it, the list would be enormous.

What would you say is your go to book always?
Probably my first LOVE of books came from a sci-fi author named John Christopher, his White Mountains stories opened up doorways in my mind. Again thank you for allowing me some time on your site!

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