Author Interview – Marissa Honeycutt

B1jVUa-gOvS._UX250_Check out the interview that we just did with Marissa Honeycutt. Thank you for taking the time to do the interview with us and Marissa. Make sure to check out her set – The Complete Life of Anna Series!

How did you come up with Anna from The Life of Anna Series?
Anna is near and dear to my heart. A lot of who she is comes from me…her thought patterns including. Poor Anna! Lol.
Anna was a fantasy version of myself in the world you now know as run by the Brotherhood.

Is there anything you would change about Anna?
In all honesty, no. I’m very happy with how the story turned out. If I’d changed anything, the story might have ended quite differently.

Care to share what’s next for you?
I’m working on Kidnapped, a stand-alone novel that was the original story in my head, before the Life of Anna. Also, the sequel is starting to manifest itself in my head, so that should be coming along soon too. I also have my first signing in NYC at the end of May and another one this summer in Vegas (July).

Are there any taboo subjects you won’t touch?
Lol. Not that I can think of. The original story had incest and Anna was younger. I changed her age to make publishing easier. I wouldn’t have done it had I feared the integrity of the story suffering. I might delve into those subjects at a later date, though. Taboo is fun!

Were you scared to start off writing in such a tough genre?
Not especially, because I never intended to publish it when I wrote it. Now, when I started sharing, yes, I feared that people would think me the sickest person in the world. I had no idea that there were other people as twisted as me. I’m thankful that I dared to share, though, because it has really been an amazing journey.

What’s one saying you would use to describe your books?
“Sometimes you have to wait for Happily Ever After”

Your biggest support on your journey so far?
My husband and my Facebook family. I have met so many amazing people on FB that have supported and encouraged me!

Did you face any hold ups writing The Life of Anna?
Writing it? No. I immersed myself in the story and just wrote. I write how I feel and when I “felt” it, I wrote. Now, publishing yes. I’d signed with a publisher and they promised me that it would be published by a certain date and nothing happened. Fortunately, I was able to get out of my contract and self-publish. The wonderful thing about being an Indy is you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.

Any words of wisdom who dare to jump into dark angst?
Delving into reading my books? I promise there is a happily ever after. Just hang on for the ride. Other author’s books, if you’re not sure, talk to others who have read the books. Most will probably hold your hand through the worst parts. Writing your own? Make sure the darkness is part of the story. Don’t just write darkness for the sake of darkness. Have a story to tell. Be brave! Be bold!

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