Andy of the Damned Book Review – Marcus Mattern

unnamedI just finished reading “Andy of the Damned” which is a paranormal book that is perfect for those that are looking for a short read for their lunch breaks or relaxing in the afternoon. The book which was written by Marcus Mattern follows main character Andy, his girlfriend Marna and his friend Taj on an adventure that takes them across country, into the rustic outdoorsy Colorado, and even into the depths of what can only be known as hell to battle his father who has cursed him from the day of conception.  With the help of his wistful and wise grandma, a dragonfly which has a secret of her own and lots of twists and turns you definitely want to check out what this book has to offer.  The one thing that I believe helps to set this book apart from others in the same genre is that it brings to life a variety of paranormal oddities giving the book that extra spark that a reader really looks for. I look forward to reading part two if you decide to turn it into a series. It was a privilege to be one of the first readers even before the book is set to be released.

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