Allie’s Choice: A Time Travel Romance Book Review – Stephanie Albright

81Z8IWBzCQL._SL1500_So yesterday I finished the book Allie’s Choice: A time travel romance which was definitely out of my norm but was actually an exciting read. Stephanie Albright, author of the book is great at bringing the story to life and giving you the visulization that you crave as a reader. The book isn’t really what I would consider paranormal but it is a time travel/fantasy book that I think many would enjoy reading. The story follows main character Allie as she travels back into time and with the Revolutionary War going on things that she does can alter the entire future for her family which will make her choices even that much harder. It didn’t take long to read this book because its fairly short but I can almost guarantee that if you are looking for a book that is out written outside the box meshed with a bit of history then you this is the book for you. If you have yet to get your copy click below today to find out why I am giving her two thumbs up!!!

Allie’s Choice: A time travel romance.

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