Adam (Protectors Series) Book Review – Teresa Gabelman

coverI was lucky enough to have the ability to read “Adam” the 5th book in the Protectors Series by Teresa Gableman the day that it came out and it was AMAZING! I love how seamlessly she brings a story together expressing the emotion, hatred, anguish, happiness and even horniness that the characters are meant to display. From the very moment that I read the first book in the series Damon I knew that I was hooked and have been flying through the books as quickly as they are released. Adam is just another addition to the storyline of the warriors and those that are training to protect their kind and those around them. In the midst of the paranormal world is love, heartbreak, secrets and lots more waiting for you to discover. Adam has been struggling to come to terms with the fact that the love of his life is now beyond grasp and that he has to get his head on properly in order to stand against what is coming. Is his angel really out of his grasp and is she happy with the man that “saved” her? The book is super easy to read and follow but has several storylines going on at once keeping you intrigued about all the characters instead of just a handful. This book signals a unity amongst the protectors, a family and a bond that will take HELL freezing over to break it. Will Adam be able to pull through this funk and become a warrior? Will he meet his destiny and will he stand against the world alone or will he have his mate? His angel? What is up with Lana and SID? Carolyn is helping now delivering messages but where and how will this go? Is there any love interest in the near future for Sloan? I cannot tell you the answer to these questions because you are going to have to read this AWESOME book to find out these answers and many more! I give Adam 7 STARS! I cannot wait until the next book is ready to be read because I am already having withdrawal! Teresa Gableman you are absolutely fantastic!!!! Click below to get your copy of this book today!

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