Accidental Leigh Book Review – Melanie James

coverSo I recently finished reading Accidental Leigh (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Book) written by Melanie James and it was definitely unlike any other book I have ever read. Being a paranormal romance junkie this book was what I would consider out of my comfort zone but I sure am glad I read it. This book is not only well written but gives you the humor, romance and “paranormal” oddities that you want in a book. Everyone knows that school teachers are overworked but underpaid for such an important job and when Leigh loses the love of her life (her book boyfriend) she decides to take things into her own hands but what she gets may not be what she bargained for. Accidentally becoming a witch and attempting to do something good with it things won’t go as planned either and with so many mishaps you are guaranteed to laugh your way through the entire book and will be wondering what comes next. I absolutely loved this book and with Melanie Jamie’s flawless writing you will be drawn in with the characters and what the story has to offer. If you have yet to read this book click below to get your copy today because you are definitely missing out!!!

Accidental Leigh (Literal Leigh Romance Diaries Book 1)

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