A Kiss So Deadly Book Review – Mary Reason Theriot

coverSo A Kiss the Deadly was the first book that I have ever read by Mary Reason Theriot. This book was an amazing read and shows just how creative a writer she really is. The book leads out with us being showed the past in the 1700s in which a married couple Genevieve and Pierre Marquette were forced to move to the Louisiana bayous from their home in Nova Scotia. They created a plantation which would be where they raise their children but after falling ill Genevieve dies. Pierre unsure about what to do when it comes to raising his children alone chooses to marry her sister. As the years pass his deceased wife haunts the plantation and the land that surrounds it.

After being given the history of the book we are then fast forwarded to the future in which Bridgette Marquette (descendant of the original settlers) moves into the plantation after the death of her parents. She chooses to turn the plantation into a bed & breakfast but with ghosts haunting the land it can be difficult to keep them from scaring away the customers. While she knows the history and the haunting of Genevieve for years things have been until something evil shows up. What is it and can Genevieve warn Bridgette in time? Someone or something is kidnapping women and killing them and who knows if she will be next.
This was an amazing read and honestly some of the twists I did not see coming. If you have yet to read this book you are definitely missing out. Click below to get your copy today.

A Kiss So Deadly

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