Honor Bound Book Highlights – Michelle Howard

Today one of our featured books is Honor Bound by Michelle Howard. This awesome series is in a class all of its own and is a must read. Honor Bound is the first book in the Warlord Series so make sure to grab your copy and find out why so many readers enjoy the many […]

Chasing Payne Book Review – Chantel Seabrook

This is the first book that I have read by Chantel and found Chasing Payne quite pleasing. I have always been a huge paranormal fan and after reading about shifters in the Anita Blake series it made me curious about shape shifter books and this is the first one since then I have read that […]

Stanley Swanson Book Review – S.K Ballinger

Being the paranormal addict that I am I devoured Stanley Swanson in just under 24 hours. Playing devil’s advocate the book could use another read through and some basic edits done to fine tune it but overall I enjoyed the story line. It was definitely different than what I have read over the last few […]