The Skye Morrison Vampire Series Book Review – J.L. McCoy

When I first started reading the Skye Morrison Vampire Series I really didn’t know what to expect but loved every minute of it. These are not your typical blood sucking vampire books but they are far from dull. In fact they give a fresh storyline that will keep you intrigued and wanting to see more. […]

A Kiss So Deadly Book Review – Mary Reason Theriot

So A Kiss the Deadly was the first book that I have ever read by Mary Reason Theriot. This book was an amazing read and shows just how creative a writer she really is. The book leads out with us being showed the past in the 1700s in which a married couple Genevieve and Pierre […]

Soulless Light Book Review – Joann H. Buchanan

I recently just met Joann H. Buchanan and decided to check out the books that amazon had of hers. The first book that I purchased was Soulless Light because it sounded out of the box and being a paranormal fan it was something that intrigued me. The book which follows main character Julia is a […]