Divine Merit Book Review – V. Cantrell

I recently had the pleasure of reading Divine Merit (which is book one in the Divine Merit Series) written by talented author V. Cantrell. Her writing is nearly flawless as she draws us into a world that surrounds the main character Amira who for her entire life was taught to be the pleasant well behaved […]

Marvins Curse Book Review – Debbie J. Edward

So when Debbie Edward approached me about doing a book review for her on Marvins Curse I was a bit hesitant because the book while its paranormal sounded like it was something that a young child would enjoy which typically isn’t my cup of tea. However, after reading Marvins Curse I actually really liked it. […]

Ravenswynd Legends (Ravenswynd Series) Book Review – Sharon Ricklin Jones

I had the chance to read Ravenswynd Legends a few days ago which is book one in the Ravenswynd Series by author Sharon Ricklin Jones and LOVED IT! The story revolves around a legend vampire party that everyone wants to attend but only a select few are actually allowed to. However, we all know that […]

Allie’s Choice: A Time Travel Romance Book Review – Stephanie Albright

So yesterday I finished the book Allie’s Choice: A time travel romance which was definitely out of my norm but was actually an exciting read. Stephanie Albright, author of the book is great at bringing the story to life and giving you the visulization that you crave as a reader. The book isn’t really what […]

Jason & Cadence (The Wolf’s Mate Series) Book Review – R.E. Butler

So I read the book Jason & Cadence which is book one in the Wolf’s Mate Series by R.E. Butler and loved every minute of this marvelous paranormal romance book. I literally devoured it within just a few short hours and cannot wait to find the time to move on to book two. The story […]