Unusual Awakening (Rylee Everley Series) Book Review – S.M. Knowles

So a few days ago I had the chance to read Unusual Awakening which is the first book in the Rylee Everley series written by S.M. Knowles and really enjoyed it. The book follows main character Rylee who had her dad ripped from her at an early age and soon had to take over the […]

Fine Lines (Ink Series) Book Review – Bella Roccaforte

So I finished reading Fine Lines which is the first book in the Ink Series by Bella Roccaforte and it was simply amazing. The story which follows main character Shay who is making her living by being a successful comic book artist is haunted by epic nightmares and when things start happening is she and […]

Persecution (Dyphillum Series) – E Montgomery

So I had the privilege of reading Persecution by E Montgomery which didn’t take long because the book was fairly short but it was a fun read. This is the perfect choice for those readers that love paranormal romance but don’t have time to sit and read longer books. The book which really does put […]

Author of the Week – P Mattern

Patricia Mattern – Author of the week! I just wanted to do a quick write up on my thoughts on this amazing woman as an author, person and friend. She works hard to take care of her disabled son, co-writes with her son Marcus and is always on the look out to see how she […]

The Mortal One Book Review – Shannon Bell

So I just finished The Mortal One which was written by the talented author Shannon Bell. The book is a pleasant read as it follows main character Dylan as she comes face to face with the one thing she never thought she could deal with which is Nico, the hot vampire which will forever change […]