Blood Justice Book Review – David Burton

When I first started reading Blood Justice I wasn’t sure what to expect due to the description of the book but after getting into it I soon realized this is not a regular vampire book but a story that brings together various aspects including crime, mystery, paranormal beings and humans in a way that I […]

Love’s First Bite: Bad Boys and Alpha Vampires Boxed Set Book Review

So I finished reading the box set Love’s First Bite: Bad Boys and Alpha Vampires Boxed Set which was written by various authors including two of which we have interviewed Erica Stevens and Michele Hauf. The Dark’s Mistress was written by Michele was the first thing that I ever read by her and while it […]

Stakeout 2.5 & Evil Red 2.6 Auror Sky: Vampire Hunter Series Book Review – Nikki Jefford

I have finished reading Stakeout which is 2.5 and Evil Red 2.6 in the Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter series by Nikki Jefford. I was hooked on this series as earliest as reading the first book and immediately fell in love with many of the characters including Aurora, Noel and Fang.  Stakeout follows one of the […]

The Foundlings Series Book #1 Review – R. M. Garcia

I started reading the first book in the The Foundlings Series a few days ago but due to a busy schedule I just got to finish it last night and fell in love. The book which harbors a world that main characters Donnie and Abbie never knew existed until they are thrown into without much […]

Andy of the Damned Book Review – Marcus Mattern

I just finished reading “Andy of the Damned” which is a paranormal book that is perfect for those that are looking for a short read for their lunch breaks or relaxing in the afternoon. The book which was written by Marcus Mattern follows main character Andy, his girlfriend Marna and his friend Taj on an […]